FAKE REAL ESTATE NEWS:  Selling Your Home in the Winter Takes Forever and You’ll Make Less From the Sale

FAKE REAL ESTATE NEWS: Selling Your Home in the Winter Takes Forever and You’ll Make Less From the Sale

Sellers constantly hear that the best time to sell their home is the summer.  Is it true?  One of the most cited stats for the proposition that your home will sell for more money in the summer than in the winter is the “average sold price.”  This statistic can be misleading because it lumps all homes (small homes and large luxury homes) together in the same bucket. read more…

Multifamily Rent Vacancy Down

The Apartment Association of Metro Denver just released second quarter data for multifamily housing in the Denver Metro Area. The report for house, condo 1-4 family comes out in a few weeks.  There are not many surprises in the report. Here is a summary: Vacancy rate...

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Court Opens Door Wider for New Condo Construction

Last month the Colorado legislature took a big step toward construction defect litigation reform with the passage of House Bill 1279.  The bill, signed into law May 23rd, requires HOAs suing developers and builders for construction defects to obtain consent by the...

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Are You Saving Money with “Hold-Open” Title Policies?

If you’re an experienced real estate flipper you may know about hold-open title policies because they can save you a lot of money on title premiums.  Here are the ins and outs of hold-opens: What is a Hold-Open? When buying a home you usually receive an owner’s title...

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How Do I Get Neighborhood Farm Reports – For FREE?

We often get requests from real estate brokers wanting to know all the addresses of the owner-occupants in a certain neighborhood. What most brokers don’t know is that you can obtain these reports (with a lot of different filters applied) for FREE with only a few mouse clicks.

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Why Aren’t More People Selling Their Homes?

Remember when the average home ownership tenure was 5-6 years?  That average length of tenure has increased substantially since the Great Recession housing bust. The median length of time people owned their homes rose to 8.7 years in 2016.  Despite years of population...

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Top 5 Neighborhoods, 1st Quarter 2017

Each quarter we analyze the rate of appreciation for every neighborhood in the Denver Metro area. We look at the appreciation rate for the current quarter and compare it with the same quarter the previous year. Here are the top appreciating neighborhoods for 1st...

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