Becoming a “Farming” RE Broker – Should You Do It?

Becoming a “Farming” RE Broker – Should You Do It?

Anyone living in an area for a given time knows the one or two real estate brokers who regularly market to the neighbors, i.e., “farming.” The neighbors routinely receive postcards, market reports, notepads, calendars, sports schedules, etc., throughout the year from the brokers. Those brokers also read more…

Real Estate Brokers Facing Liability for Wire Fraud Scams

First American Title recently sued a California real estate broker for $513,000 alleging that the broker’s failure to secure his email account led to a fraudulent wire transfer.  (First American Title v. Tanashi Zapata, et. al.)  Unless you’ve been living under a... read more

What Happened to the Market? Should Sellers be concerned?

For many real estate brokers, the drop in market activity this Fall has created some anxiety.  There is a sense that we’ve seen a lot of price drops, days on market increasing, etc.  So what’s the deal?  Are we seeing a downward trend?  Probably not. If you compare... read more

Denver – The Best Place for Business and Careers

Once again, Forbes magazine places Denver #1 in its ranking of Best Places for Business and Careers.  According to the Forbes report, the largest share of the American workforce are Millennials.  With “work-life balance” described as the most important factor for... read more

Want to Buy $1 Billion of Single Family Rental Homes?

A decade ago, Donald Mullen Jr., oversaw Goldman Sach’s “big short” bet against the U.S. housing market.  As we know, his bet was incredibly lucrative.  After cashing in on the crash, Mullen’s investment firm bought up thousands of foreclosed homes for a massive... read more

Will Rents Keep Rising?

According to the most recent Zillow Rent Forecast, Denver Metro should continue to see significant rental rate growth into 2017.  Zillow reports the current annual rent growth (4.1%) to increase to 5.9% in 2017.  This places Denver just behind Seattle and Portland in... read more

Does It Still Make Sense to Buy Rentals in Denver?

We get asked this question all the time.  Check out the chart below.  For long term hold scenarios, buying a rental this year vs next year still appears to be a smart buy.  Of course, you must make sure your particular buy is a good one!  If you have questions about... read more

Mechanics Liens Primer

Construction projects are everywhere these days, and with all that added activity comes all kinds of issues concerning payment disputes with the contractors doing the work.  One of the most common legal questions we get from investors doing fix & flips is how to... read more

Colorado’s Housing Market: Faltering or Alive and Kicking?

Housing data released last week show that home prices continue to rise (5.7% gain in 2015, nationally). Much of the increase in price is a reflection of a shortage of supply — which is certainly the case in Denver. Despite the healthy rise in prices, and continuing low mortgage interest rates, some economists have raised concerns about the housing market. What are they worried about …

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Special Warranty Deed vs General Warranty Deed: What’s the Difference?

We recently closed a transaction where the seller contracted to convey by Special Warranty Deed rather than General Warranty Deed. Upon examination of the prepared Special Warranty Deed at closing, the deed didn’t look much different to him than a General Warranty Deed – except of course the title of the document “Special Warranty Deed.” So, “what’s the difference?” he asked.

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