Each year our team is asked to provide a list of good business books. Here are some books that we’ve read (or listened to) over the course of the last 12 months.  You can find all of these on Amazon or Audible. “Alexa, download these books.”

If you want a business book, this is it. 100% on how to network more effectively and have more fun doing it. Really solid ideas, should be easy to implement

Great concepts to provide a unified vision among customers and company.  Some parts go on a bit long. Get the Audiobook so you can easily skip forward.

Lessons in this book are backed by lots of data.  Good tool for more complex sales, but has some great ideas that pertain to real  estate. If you want proof that “closing” techniques don’t work in many circumstances, read this book.

This is a personal productivity book.  Lon built a class for it and presented at our First Alliance annual meeting.  Great feedback.

Tired of building business plans that you don’t execute.  Get this book. Great ideas whether you are solo or a large company.

More of a time management book, than anything.  Want to be effective, not just “busy?”  Read this book.  Really interesting.

Real estate is relationship selling.  The old ideas in this book are as good as gold.  Classic must read (fantastic audio as well).

Economics history of the last 40 years, which offers a lot of insight on what the economy will do over the next 10 years.  Super readable.  Fascinating.

You’ll have to get over the author’s use of the word “f*ck” to read this.  Once you do, you’ll find some great principles for helping to focus on the vitally important stuff.   Plus, this is just a fun one to pull out at Starbucks

his is a great time management and self-management book.  Anyone would learn something they could really use from this.

Not very related to business, but ties to time management and is really interesting.