Lawmakers are considering several bills that could impact Landlord-Tenant relationships.

SB-17245:  NOTICES TO TENANTS.  Under current law a month-to-month tenancy may be terminated by the landlord upon 7 days’ notice.  SB-17245 would extend the notice requirement to 21 days. It would also apply this 21 day notice rule to a Landlord’s intent to raise rent for leases of one month to less than one year.

HB-17-1312.  COPIES OF DOCUMENTS/RECEIPTS.  This bill would require the landlord to provide the tenant with a copy of the fully signed lease within 70 days of lease signing.  Landlords would also be required to provide receipts of payments made by cash or money order.

HB-17-1310. SCREENING FEES.  This bill would limit application screening fees to the landlord’s actual costs for background and credit screening.  The landlord would also be required to provide the tenant with an accounting of the charges and to refund any excess fees to the tenant.  Landlords failing to comply would face a penalty equal to two times the amount of the fee charged, plus costs and attorney fees.

HB-17-1035  LEASE BREAK FOR CRIME VICTIMS.  This bill would allow a tenant to break a lease for fear of being in imminent danger if that tenant were the victim of stalking, domestic violence/abuse, or unlawful sexual behavior.  If the tenant broke the lease the tenant would only be liable for one month of rent, to be paid within 90 days of breaking the lease.  The bill would also require landlords to maintain confidentiality that the tenant is a victim.