2020: Top 10 things we're really going to miss

2020: The Top 10 Things We’re Really Going to Miss


Take-away Perfected

Let's admit it. Ordering Chipotle on your phone app and having it ready for pickup before the time it takes you to drive there ...that's awesome!


Drive-In Theaters

You could once again sneak a couple of your friends into the movies so long as they were cool with wearing masks while cramped in your trunk during check-in.


The Bidet

Once a fixture coveted by the elite owners of 1980s luxury homes, now common folk are washing their butts to save on TP.


Business on top, party on the bottom

You might have ironed your shirt for an important zoom call, but you definitely wore pajama bottoms. What a great excuse to skimp on dry cleaning and personal hygiene items so you could feel good about applying more of your stimulus check to supporting essential businesses (the liquor stores and dispensaries).


Pandemic Traffic

If you were one of the few who had to actually drive to work, you sure got there quickly!


Tiger King

If you ran out of something to talk about during a zoom call, you could always pose the question: “Did Carole kill her husband?”


Cocktails To Go

Wait a minute, I can just order margaritas for pick up? The more difficult dilemma: If I'm not allowed to drink any of this on my drive home why did you include a straw?


All the Covidiums

We must give a nod to all the novel words and phrases that we built into everyday vocabulary: "Furlough" "Unprecedented" "Social Distancing" and the fan-favorite: “You’re on mute.”


Zoom Thanksgiving

Seriously, was there ever a better excuse to avoid the in-laws? “Sorry, we can’t come this year because we don’t want to kill you.”



Remember January of 2020 and how it seemed so ordinary at the time? Had we known what was coming, the month of January would have been off the hook!

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