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Colorado Legislature – Bills to Watch for Real Estate

Colorado 2019 legislative session is up and running.  Here are a few real estate related bills that we’re keeping an eye on this session.

Deeds To Convey Real Property HB19-1098

Would clarify the current confusion over different deed types by defining the warranties under different deeds and establishing requirements for title insurance entities that prepare deeds.

Rental Application Fees HB19-1106

Landlords would be prohibited from charging application fees unless the entire fee is used to cover actual expenses of processing the rental application.

Primary Residence Exempt Liens For Medical Debt HB19-1145

Would provide an exemption for a judgment debtor’s primary residence from a lien arising from a judgment for medical debt.

Time Period To Cure Lease Violation HB19-1118

Would increase 3 day notice to cure to a 14 day notice to cure for violations of unpaid rent or for the first violation of other requirements under the lease.

Remote Notaries Protect Privacy HB19-1167

Would bring notary procedures into the digital age by allowing notaries public to perform notarial acts using audio-video communication.

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