Commitment to health and Safety

Commitment to Health and Safety

First Alliance Title’s Commitment to Health & Safety – Excuse Me If I Don’t Shake Your Hand!

We Are Taking Precautions

The last thing buyers and sellers think about with their home sale is getting sick — until this year.  The dangers of COVID-19 spreading is top of mind.   The closing process for a home sale is usually a celebratory social gathering, with buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate brokers all coming together to sign documents.

First Alliance is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for our customers and staff.  Here are some of the precautions we already have in place as well as others that we’ve added to help protect customers and staff. 

No-Contact and Curb-Side Closings

We are offering no-contact closings at all of our locations.  During the non-contact closing the signer remains in the conference room and is guided via telephone by the closer who is sitting outside the glass wall. When the signing is complete the signer is excused and the closer then finishes notarizing documents so that they can be recorded.

Curb-side closings are offer at our Denver location and North location.  These non-contact closings allow the signer to remain in their car during the signing process.

We Encourage Separate Closings (No Extra Expense).

Only those participants necessary for a closing should participate.  Buyers and sellers should also know that they can choose to close their transactions separately – with no extra cost. In addition to closings at any of our office locations we also close transactions at remote locations.  If your sellers or buyers want to close their side of the transaction at their home or office, we’re OK with that too. 

Environmental Cleaning

First Alliance routinely cleans every conference room table with disinfectant following every closing. We’ve always done this, but we’re ramping up our cleaning efforts to include door handles, light switches, arm rests on chairs, etc.

Our staff is also taking the additional precautions to daily clean frequently touched items, such as keyboards, mice, telephones, printer & copier touchpads, cabinets and door handles.

Hand Sanitizer

We have hand sanitizer at the front desk of each office location for everyone entering or exiting the office.

Personal Hygiene

We’ve encouraged our staff to adhere to guidelines recommended by the CDC which include:
     — respiratory etiquette (coughing into your elbow, avoiding touching your face)
     — washing your hands (20 sec minimum) each time you enter a new location (when you arrive at work, when you arrive back home, etc.)
     — avoiding touching eyes, nose mouth with unwashed hands

Encouragement of Staff to Work Remote

Nearly every First Alliance employee has been issued a personal laptop computer. This allows staff to work securely from home or another remote location. We’ve reiterated our policy to employees that any staff member with symptoms such as cough or fever should work at home, or if too sick to work they should take the time to heal. Staff are not to return to the office until they are symptom free.

Wrapped Snacks

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t bake fresh cookies to set out in the conference room.  Frankly, we think it’s disgusting to leave unwrapped cookies on a conference table for everyone to breath, sneeze and cough on before a nibble.  To be perfectly honest, the main reason we’ve avoided the fresh baked cookies is because none of us can resist eating the frozen cookie dough all day long!  First Alliance will continue to have a variety of snacks that are individually wrapped.  Remember: we even serve Twinkies — which you may want to stock up on if this virus gets out of hand because those things don’t expire! 

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