DOM 1Q2019 Map

Days on Market: Q1 2019

This Spring begins with yet another seller’s market fueled by historical low housing inventory and strong buyer demand.   In some areas homes may not be selling as fast.  In others they’re still selling like hot cakes.   

Are homes in your neighborhood selling as fast as last year?

To see how fast homes are selling, we compared the 1st quarter 2019 housing data against 1st quarter 2018.  Specifically, we looked at days on market (time between listing date and under contract date). We then mapped this data for different neighborhoods. 

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This is a snippet of the Lakewood area map – surrounding our newest branch office.

We can customize large maps for different quadrants of the metro area and we can zoom in on specific neighborhoods or zip codes.

We update this map every quarter!
Please contact an account executive to get your updated map:

Use these maps to boost your Marketing Efforts

These maps are fantastic for open houses, door knocking, and listing presentations.  You can download the map by right-clicking on the image.

If you would like a map for a different location or customized with your contact info, please reach out to your First Alliance account executive or our marketing department:

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