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Hottest Neighborhoods in Metro Denver

While we saw some slowing in number of homes sold during the last half of 2018, the average rate of appreciation of home prices remained high, at around 8%. Of course, not all cities, zip codes and neighborhoods are the same. Certain neighborhoods appreciated more than 15% while others saw prices drop by more than 15%. Below are a few of the winners and losers for the year.

If you want to know the details about a particular area, check out our neighborhood price change map. Our map provides “at-a-glance” details of price change, average days on market, average price, number sold, and months of inventory for each neighborhood.


Centennial Acres:  +42%
Overland: +29%
Cheesman Park: +22%
The Ranch: +21%
Congress Park: +21%


Cherry Hills Village:  -16%
Heritage Estates:  -27%
West Colfax:  -13%
Heritage Greens:  -7%
North Ranch Ken Caryl:  -4%

Click here for our 2018 Price Change Map.  If you’re looking for a zoomed in area of the city, zip code, etc, we can do that.  Want your contact information added to a map for marketing?  We can do that too!

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