Inspection Deadlines on the 2022 Contract Form

Just when you were accustomed to the inspection deadlines under the old contract form…

Things changed for 2022

Well, to be completely accurate the 2022 contract form does not alter your ability to set different inspection deadlines, but it does change how buyers must move forward if they choose to object rather than terminate.

Under the prior contract form, buyers who included inspection objection and inspection termination deadlines could object, but then change their minds and terminate if the inspection termination had not yet expired. The 2022 form changes that.

Under the 2022 form, if you have an inspection objection deadline and you choose to object, you can’t then terminate under inspection termination. Instead, you must give the seller a chance to resolve.

The contract states:

The 2022 Contract Form requires buyers who include an inspection objection deadline to

choose between objecting and terminating.

Got questions about the contract form?

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