Stats are Useless July 2019

Why Metro-Wide Real Estate Stats are Largely Useless

Every month we get inundated with stats about home sales across the nation, across the state, and across the front range.  As for “local” stats, the most commonly cited stats are for home sales across several different counties.  Even the stats provided by the Denver Metro Association of Realtors include several outlying counties such as Clear Creek, Elbert, Gilpin, and Park.  You might ask yourself, “how useful is it to compare sales in Park County with sales in Denver?”

Even in urban counties like Arapahoe, Denver and Jefferson, stats can vary greatly between different areas.  For example, check out the how much the stats vary between the homes surrounding First Alliance Title’s 4 office locations.  For the stats below, we pulled sales data for homes within a one mile radius of each office and compared 2018 with 2019.  You’ll notice that the change in average sales price varies greatly across these areas.

Central Office

1777 South Harrison Street, Suite 1100, Denver CO 80210

% Increase in Avg Sales Price
20182019% Change
Number Sold169134-20.71%
Average Sales Price$768,417$827,5037.69%
Days on Market385750%

South Office

2755 S Locust Street, Suite 255, Denver CO 80222

% Increase in Avg Sales Price
20182019% Change
Number Sold8977-13.48%
Average Sales Price$491,814$500,6211.79%
Days on Market162556.25%

Southwest Office (Lakewood)

7175 West Jefferson Avenue, Suite 1100, Lakewood CO 80235

% Increase in Avg Sales Price
20182019% Change
Number Sold3332-3.03%
Average Sales Price$506,463$517,6692.21%
Days on Market254372%

North Office

1333 W. 120th Ave, Suite 116, Westminster CO 80234

% Increase in Avg Sales Price
20182019% Change
Number Sold223245%
Average Sales Price$548,323$567,1773.44%
Days on Market304756.67%

We've got the data for your neighborhood, too!

If you want detailed market data for every neighborhood in the Denver metro area, check out our Days on Market Maps and our Price Change Maps.  We update each neighborhood every quarter. 

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