Title Insurance The Bigger Picture

Title Insurance — The BIGGER Picture

I wanted to pass along a great piece written by Bob Grubb, the CEO of one of our valued underwriters, Alliant National Title Company.  His words put in perspective our Constitutional rights, and the role title insurance plays in protecting individual rights to own and transfer property. 

The Constitution, which followed 13 years after the Declaration of Independence, included the first 10 amendments which guaranteed specific individual freedoms, rights and expressly limited the power of the Federal government. After the sacrifices made during the eight-year revolutionary war and profound efforts by the founding fathers to understand human history, they set out to design a government where the government receives its consent from the governed.  The notion of government empowered only by the consent of the governed was radical because it literally flipped upside down the norm.

Our staff form a critical ‘cog’ in the gears of this grand American experiment. Our system of examining, closing and insuring title became (and remains) essential to the promise of America.

Title Insurance helps distribute wealth by expanding the opportunity of protected ownership of property. Unlike other countries where property ownership is restricted to the privileged or wealthy, in the United States it is still unique that anyone, regardless of status, political power or religion can own property and have their ownership protected. The confluence of the Constitution, the Rule of Law and title insurance have created this unique system of protected ownership.

The result? Protected ownership allowed “nobody’s” from all over the world to come here, work hard, buy property and have their ownership protected. In doing so, the United States became the greatest wealth distribution mechanism the world has ever known – and the only one that actually improves standards of living!!

Every day, in every closing, and with every claim we close, together, we facilitate people’s dreams of building a better life for their family! Our industry has done this for over 100 years – helping new immigrants, decedents of earlier immigrants and Native Americans build better lives for their families through protected real-estate ownership.

We are stewards of this amazing land title system – Our people work with you in trusted partnership; every transaction another step towards preserving the opportunity of protected ownership and economic freedom for the current and next generation of Americans!

The work we do preserves property rights and economic freedom. We know when a large part of our country has economic freedom, we contribute in an essential way to maintaining political freedom and preserving the grand experiment of the United States of America.

What's the Bigger Picture of Title Insurance?

We help preserve property rights and economic freedom of every customer we serve at every closing we complete!

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