Geo Farming Turnover Rate

Geographic Farming: Finding the Turnover Rate

We get a lot of questions from real estate brokers about geographic farming.  The first consideration in picking a neighborhood to farm is the turnover rate — the percentage of homes that sell each year in the neighborhood.  The higher percentage of turnover the better the farm area.   Most experts will tell you that the neighborhood needs to have a turnover rate of at least 5%. 

To make it easy, we’ve calculated the turnover rate for dozens of neighborhoods and we’re working on expanding the map for the entire Denver metro area.

Our map also shows you the average sales price of the homes in the particular neighborhood.

Reach out to one of our relationship managers if you would like a PDF of the map.

Can’t find your neighborhood on the map?  No problem. Finding the turnover rate is actually quite simple. All you need to do is figure out how many homes are in a neighborhood and then determine how many sold during a year. Brokers can do this in just a few minutes using Realist and Matrix. 

We put this quick video together to show you how.  It’s easy.

Now that you’ve found the best neighborhood to farm, you can create your mailing list for free in Realist as well.  Here’s our video explaining how.

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