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Video Notarization Now Legal in Colorado

In response to March 27th Executive Order from Governor Polis, the Colorado Secretary of State just issued emergency rules to remove the requirement that signers “physically appear” for the notarization of documents. This is a huge relief for people needing to stay isolated during the COVID-19 crisis.

We Can Conduct Your Closings With Video Chat

Here’s how First Alliance Video Closings will work under the new rules. 


We courier or FedEx the closing documents to the signer.


Upon receipt of the documents 

The signer contacts our office and video chats with our closer.

The broker and lender can also participate in the chat.


Our closer verifies the signers identity and guides the signer through the closing package.


The signer returns (via our courier or prepaid FedEx envelope) the executed documents to our office and the closer notarizes the documents and records.

The process is simple, but it does require that the lender provide documents (including the final Closing Disclosure Form) a few days in advance to allow sufficient time for the signing and returning of documents. 

There are also some basic technical requirements.  The signer needs to have access to a smartphone or computer with video and audio capabilities.  Our fully encrypted video platform is free for users and simple to use.

First Alliance Video Closings provide an excellent option to both buyers and sellers.  Of course, we are still offering our curb-side closings and no-contact in office closings.

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