Market Trends

Customized Maps and Reports

Customized Maps and Reports

The information you need to help your clients buy a home.

Neighborhood Snapshot

Want to set yourself apart from other listing agents and “neighborhood experts?” Our Neighborhood Snapshot is perfect for listing presentations, door knocking or open houses. We include 4 different data points for your neighborhood: (1) historic price trend; (2) price change map; (3) the most recent quarterly sales data; and (4) details of the last 16 sold properties.

Quarterly Price Change Map

This poster size Price Change Map is updated every quarter to show the differences in appreciation rates between different neighborhoods. This is the ultimate open house tool to generate tons of questions and discussions regarding our real estate market.
Poster Size

Neighborhood Price Change Map

This map contains the same updated data as our poster size map, but instead of showing the entire Denver-metro area, we can focus on a particular zip code or even a particular neighborhood. This map is the perfect tool for listing presentations and neighborhood door knocking

Days on Market Map

How fast are homes selling in a particular neighborhood? Our Days on Market Map shows the days on market as well as the price changes for different neighborhoods across the Denver metro area. If you need help setting realistic expectations with a buyer, these maps are extremely useful. We can modify these maps to zoom in on any particular zip code or neighborhood.

Fix and Flip Maps

Investors want to know if there are different gross margins between different neighborhoods for fix and flips. Our map tells you how many flips were bought and sold, the average sales price, the average buy price, and the average gross margin for flips in each neighborhood. This map is updated every three years.

Elementary School Rankings

Relocation buyers often want to know what neighborhood has the best elementary schools and the most affordable housing. Our school rankings map breaks down, for each elementary school boundary, the rankings of the school and the average home price in that area.

Turnover Rate Map

This map is a one year snapshot of the Turnover Rate in each neighborhood (this is the percentage of total homes in the area sold in a 12 month time frame). Also included are the total number of homes, the number sold, and the average price. Available in multiple formats and areas. Updated annually.